Workshop 2017

From 09-13 April 2017, the researchers involved in this project came together for a joint workshop in Amman. This five-day workshop served two purposes: Firstly, to prepare the upcoming summer school on ‘academic approaches to peace-building and state-building in Yemen’, which was planned for the second half of August 2017. Amongst others, it was decided that this summer school would seek to further our academic knowledge on addressing local governance in times of conflict, respective fields of practice as well as approaches and challenges to peace-building and state-building (in Yemen) and to jointly develop our skills pertaining to critical academic analysis and positioning as much as to understanding and accepting differences and to expressing one’s own interests. Secondly, the researchers involved also underwent training in alternative methods of teaching to broaden the scope of their own teaching methodologies. This training was provided by Hamida Sarah Behr, who works at the Faculty of Education at the University of Hamburg.