Workshop 2016

From 11-12 May 2016, the researchers involved in this project came together for a kick-off workshop in Amman. This two-day workshop served to get to know one another better and to familiarize ourselves with the professional interests of the other academics, particularly also with view to the writing of papers in the framework of this project. Moreover, we agreed on joint objectives for the project in general and the upcoming summer school specifically. Amongst others, we hope that by providing evidence-based research and valid recommendations on peace-building issues, we can contribute not only to peace-building in Yemen as such, but also to enhancing awareness of policy-makers about the complexity and interconnectedness of these matters. For the upcoming summer school, the structure for which we planned as well, we hope to not only contribute to enhancing the knowledge of our German and Yemeni participants about peace-building theories, fields of practice and approaches in Yemen, but also to provide them with skills pertaining to critical academic analysis and positioning as much as to understanding and accepting differences and to expressing their own interests.

We are particularly grateful to the German-Jordanian University for providing us with a room for our meeting and to the DAAD Information Center Amman for logistical assistance in the preparation and implementation of the workshop.