About Project II

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This project, which is being implemented since 2019, is entitled “Teaching and Advising on Post-Conflict Reconstruction” and is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of its Transformation Partnership. The partners in the project are the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of Bonn and the Gender Development Research & Studies Center at Sanaa University. CARPO – Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient will be involved in the publication of papers resulting from this project.

Project Background & Objective

Against the backdrop of a) post-conflict reconstruction measures in Yemen in those parts of the country where the war has already ended and b) the ongoing efforts of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen to revive the peace process, this project aims to contribute to post-conflict reconstruction in the country. This objective is to be achieved by strengthening ties between researchers, academic staff, students and experts in the policy and development community working on Yemen in order to develop ideas and find new ways of academic support to respective endeavors. A particular focus is placed on the promotion and support of young academics and women.

Project Setup

At the end of the two-year project, we want to have produced a syllabus for a course on post-conflict reconstruction to be taught at Sanaa University. Practically, the project focuses on a joint workshop bringing together advanced researchers from both sides for the development of the syllabus (to also be published in English and Arabic) while also meeting with practitioners working on post-conflict reconstruction in Yemen to gather their insights and make this curriculum as practical and targeted as possible; two courses on post-conflict reconstruction taught at Sanaa University on the basis of the developed curriculum; one winter (2019) and one summer (2020) school on post-conflict reconstruction with German and Yemeni graduate students; an academic workshop bringing together the advanced researchers responsible for the development of the syllabus with further university teachers from Yemen to introduce the syllabus to them in the hope that this will inspire them to teach a similar course at their university; a paper-writing workshop with Yemeni MA and PhD students working on post-conflict reconstruction to build their capacities in writing policy briefs with a view to influencing practitioners working on Yemen (and the possible publication of these policy briefs depending on quality), the establishment and maintenance of a project website (bonn-sanaa.de); and the support of the project partner’s library with books on post-conflict reconstruction, amongst others, and help in the maintenance of the project partner’s library system.